The following terms and conditions govern the use of the platform "THE VIRTUAL HAT", operated by

Herzlich Nordisch | Melson Marketing & Media
Inh. Michael Melson
Lise-Meitner-Str. 1-7
24223 Schwentinental

hereafter called TVH for visitors and users

I Definitions

  1. The platform THE VIRTUAL HAT is freely accessible on the Internet for everyone under the address No registration is required to view the content
  2. Users who navigate the platform without logging in and interact with the entries are hereinafter referred to as "Visitors".
  3. Users who have registered for a paid membership and use the functions offered are referred to below as "members".
  4. Profile" refers to the publicly viewable self-portrayals created by the members.
  5. "Projects" are projects created by the members, which involve the financing of productions, for example.

II Terms of use for visitors

  1. TVH offers visitors the opportunity to view the entries of registered members.
  2. The profiles under the navigation point "Discover" can be viewed at any time free of charge and without any obligation to provide any kind of support.
  3. All media shown on profile and project pages such as text, image, video and sound documents are subject to copyright and may not be copied or otherwise used without the express permission of the respective author.
  4. The profile pages offer the possibility of direct contact. Visitors agree not to use them for spam, harassment and the like.
  5. The profile pages offer the possibility to support the artists* with a PayPal payment. TVH is neither involved in the transactions, nor is it in any way apparent to TVH as the operator who has paid whom how much support and when. The PayPal payment is an exclusive matter between the visitor and the member.
  6. Support projects are financing projects of the members, which you present and advertise publicly via TVH. Payments promised, committed and/or made here are an exclusive matter between the visitor and the member. Payments are made directly, without TVH being involved or acting as a trustee.

III Terms of use for members

Keep it simple!

We want to work with you in a fair and cooperative manner. You can be sure that we have not built in any pitfalls or rip-off clauses. If you have questions or do not understand something, please ask us. We have created these terms and conditions without the assistance of a lawyer and hope that they can still regulate a solid and trusting business relationship between you and us.

A Offer Content

  1. TVH offers you the possibility to create a publicly viewable profile, which you can design yourself with texts, pictures, embedded youtube videos and PDF downloads.
  2. The core is the "virtual hat", which allows you to receive direct support via PayPal. By entering your PayPal mail address, a payment link is generated that visitors of the platform can use to send you direct payments. TVH is only responsible for the correct output of the payment link. TVH is neither involved in the fees nor responsible for commissions and fees charged by PayPal. TVH has no control over the number, amount and origin of payments made to you through PayPal. You are responsible for correctly entering your PayPal email address in the appropriate field.
  3. TVH offers you a function with which you can create projects that are to be financed (production, equipment, printing...). As payment interface you can use PayPal as well as bank transfer. As with the profile page, TVH is here only supplier of the platform. Any appointments, payments etc. between visitors and you will take place directly between you. TVH is not involved and will not intervene at this point.
  4. On an experimental basis, TVH also offers you a community function that allows you to network with other members. We reserve the right to disable this function at any time. The community function is currently explicitly not part of the paid offer.
  5. The duration of use is determined by the duration of the package you have purchased.

B Costs and payment

  1. The use of the member functions is subject to a fee.
  2. The amount of the costs depends on the duration and the scope of the included functions, which you can see HERE.
  3. The payment of the membership is done via PayPal or bank transfer.
  4. A membership paid by PayPal is active immediately after you have confirmed your email address. You can log in and use the services included in your chosen package immediately.
  5. A membership paid by bank transfer will be activated manually as soon as we receive your payment.

C Cancellation and termination

  1. Currently we do not offer memberships that are automatically renewed. Therefore a cancellation is not necessary.
  2. The functions offered by TVH are a service whose benefits you can use immediately. When you sign up for a membership, you will therefore see a checkbox with which you declare your agreement that we begin with the execution before the expiry of a cancellation period. Your right of revocation expires thereby. So if you are not sure if and how you can use TVH for you, please think about it BEFORE you pay.

D Rights and duties for members


By purchasing a membership, you have the right to use the features offered by TVH within the scope of the package you purchased.

Payments made by visitors to you are 100% (in case of PayPal minus the system fees according to PayPal terms and conditions) and go directly to you.

You are welcome to link to TVH anywhere and everywhere, and thus help to promote our platform as a whole and in the interest of all members.


You must abide by the law with your content published here. We trust you and fix here only in writing which contents are definitely forbidden:

Media (texts, pictures, videos, sound documents), for which you do not have the right to publish or whose author you are not.
Pornographic, violence glorifying, anti-constitutional, inciting or other offensive content.
Content that is unsuitable for children
Links to sites that offer pornography, casino and gambling games, unconstitutional, inciting or similar content.

You will receive access data from TVH for the creation and maintenance of your content. You are responsible for the safe use and secrecy of this data. This data must not be made accessible to third parties. If you lose your access data or if you notice that they have fallen into the hands of a third party due to negligence, you are obliged to inform us immediately so that we can prevent damage to you and the platform.

If there are any problems that prevent you from editing your content, please report them immediately using the internal support function or by sending an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

For everything else, we rely on common sense and open communication between you and us.

D Rights and duties of TVH


TVH acts as technical operator of the platform and assures the promised functions. In case of malfunctions, which are to be reported via the internal support function or by mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., TVH undertakes to eliminate them as soon as possible. TVH ensures the technical up-to-dateness of the platform and the best possible protection against attacks on the platform.

Further obligations result from our privacy policy.


TVH has the right to remove content and or block access if there is an obvious and massive violation of content guidelines. In simple cases we will draw your attention to it and ask for correction. In case of criminal violations, however, we can block your account immediately, without prior warning and, if necessary, permanently.

You allow us to contact you by phone or by mail about important changes that affect either your member account (by phone) or the whole platform (by mail) during the active business relationship.


Have we forgotten something? Is there something completely wrong?

As said before: Talk to us if you think that there is something wrong or incomprehensible in these terms and conditions.